To the Shareholders


Golf links the world!

President Nobuya Ishizaka

GDO is in its 2nd year of its mid-term strategic plan (2016-2018) which we have named “GDO NEXT from Scratch”. This is to reinforce our commitment to focus on the golf industry, and to fully leverage technology in our business. Both are our roots, which trace back to when we initially started the business 17 years ago, and it is also our commitment to further innovate and accelerate our entire business and organization.

As the first year of our mid-term plan, we have set 2016 as the point of restart for GDO. We set out on making sure that our existing services focused on providing the best and most comprehensive content related to golf, as well as constantly improving and enhancing them. We also invested heavily to ensure our mobile services were state of the art. As for our commitments to new business developments and overseas activities, we made sure we were bold and brave in our vision and actions.

As a result, we were able to end the year with our best performance ever, recording sales of ¥19,309 million, gross profit of ¥8,012 million, operating income of ¥1,073 million, ordinary income of ¥1,089 million, and net income of ¥611 million.

With our final mid-term goals set as at least a double-digit year-on-year growth in sales, ¥2,000 million in operating income, and a dividend yield of 20%, we are committed to making all of our actions in 2017 as bold and brave as ever.

We will continue to focus on delivering the best content and service with our 3 core services in media, e-commerce, and e-bookings. We will aim to increase internet share of the golf market as well as GDO’s share of the said market.

Further, in 2017, we will focus on golfer needs, as well as on leveraging our big data to form partnerships with other organizations to achieve greater success in new business developments. In addition, we will be active in both the US and Asian regions.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders and especially our shareholders for their continued loyalty and support. We have set out once again on a mission to provide, for all golfers, the most comprehensive golf services available in the world.

February 2017
Nobuya “Mike” Ishizaka
President and CEO