To the Shareholders


Golf links the world!

President Nobuya Ishizaka

In 2017, the second year of the mid-term plan (2016-2018) we announced in February 2016, setting “adventure” as the theme, we comprehensively strengthened our existing businesses (golf media, sales of golf equipment, golf course booking, and golf lessons and custom club fitting). We also actively embarked on new businesses and overseas businesses and have been striving to expand them.

One of the guiding principles of the GDO Group is “Kyakushin” which means to pursue our services from the sweeping customer’s perspective and maintain the customer first policy. In 2017, taking this “Kyakushin” as a motto, we worked to enhance all our services. Specifically, golf media focused on the enhancement of contents and the expansion of channels, and sales of golf equipment sought to enhance the selection of goods and improve usability. The golf course booking worked to enhance booking quota and plans, and the golf lessons and custom club fitting focused on the expansion of opportunities to provide services, the securing of quality and quantity of coaches and the strengthening of function as an equipment sales channel. In addition to these existing services, we also embarked on some new and overseas businesses with “golf × technology” and “golf ×regions” as our key words, and we were able to announce these businesses.

As a result of the above, the Group recorded net sales of ¥21,574 million, gross profit of ¥8,849 million, operating profit of ¥1,214 million, ordinary profit of ¥1,225 million and profit attributable to owners of parent of ¥707 million, and net sales and profits at all levels achieved a double-digit growth from the previous year.

This year is the final year of the mid-term plan I mentioned at the beginning, and will be a year of challenge. We will continue to strive to “maximize the value we provide” and increase the “level of customer satisfaction” without compromise, with “Kyakushin” as our motto. We will also aim to achieve the industry’s No.1 position in terms of “value we provide” and the “level of customer satisfaction” in all our services. If we attain these targets, sales will definitely increase. In 2018, we will make prior investments to continue growing at the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games two years from now and in the future beyond that, while growing sales.

Golf is one of the few sports which three generations of children, parents and grandparents can enjoy on the same course. We believe that the value of golf as a leisure sport will become even greater in modern society, where there is a growing sense of crisis about aging. The Group will propose services for golfers of all generations to enjoy the game comfortably by actively incorporating advanced technologies into our services.

February 2018
Nobuya “Mike” Ishizaka
President and CEO