IR policy

Objective and Basic Policy of IR Activities

The Company conducts investor relations activities in order to promptly and accurately inform shareholders and investors of substantial information. Our basic policy is to provide easy-to-understand, fair and accurate information on our management policies, business strategies, performance results and financial information.

Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

Information will be disclosed promptly in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, as well as the Securities Listing Regulations established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information will be disclosed as press releases through the TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and press clubs, etc., and will be promptly posted on the Company's website as well.

Earnings Forecasts and Forward-Looking Statements

Our disclosures of business results sometimes include earnings forecasts and future projections. They are prepared based on information available at the time and may differ from our actual business and performance due to subsequent changes in economic and market conditions and other factors, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of such statements.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent leaks of financial results information and to ensure fairness to shareholders and investors, the Company will observe a quiet period from the end of each quarter (the end of December, March, June, and September) to the date of announcement of financial results for each quarter, and will refrain from giving interviews or answering questions regarding financial results during such period.

Investment Decisions

The information provided on the Company's website is intended to help you understand our financial and management information, and is not intended to solicit investment. Investment decisions should be made at the user's own discretion and responsibility.