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The GDO Group provides a full range of specialized golf services on a global scale. Golf Digest Online focuses on the Japanese market. GDO Sports coordinates our business between US and Japan. GOLFTEC Enterprises operates an international portfolio of brands which includes GOLFTEC Training Centers, spanning 250 locations worldwide, and SkyTrak Golf, the best-selling consumer launch monitor globally.


Japan is the 2nd largest Golf Market in the world.

  • [No.1 USA] No. of golfers 23.8million , No. of golf courses 14,800 , No. of rounds 475million , Equipment market $3,585million
  • [No.2 Japan] No. of golfers 7.8million , No. of golf courses 2,270 , No. of rounds 90million , Equipment market $2,078million
  • [The U.K.] No. of golfers 3.9million , No. of golf courses 2,800 , Equipment market $440million
  • [Canada] No. of golfers 5.5million , No. of golf courses 2,300 , Equipment market $387million
  • [Korea] No. of golfers 2.9million , No. of golf courses 450 , Equipment market $562million
  • [China] No. of golfers 0.6million , No. of golf courses 380 , Equipment market $110million

*Source: Yano Research Institute "2021 World Golf Market Report"