A message from our CEO, Nobuya Mike Ishizaka.

It has now been around five years since I moved to the US. Recently in the US, I have been keenly aware that the golf industry is at a major turning point. According to materials released by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) and the National Golf Foundation (NGF) last year, in 2022, the number of off-course golfers--that is, those who enjoy golf outside of golf courses--has surpassed the number of on-course golfers for the first time.

Twenty-three years ago, GDO was founded with a goal of making golf a much more accessible and easier sport to enjoy. There have always been various ways in which people can enjoy golf, be it playing with friends or three generations of a family, playing at a nearby course as an affordable alternative to exercise, serious practice for club competitions, or trips to attractive golf courses overseas. These are just some examples of the fun and excitement that golf offers.

More recently, technological advancements have opened up new areas for golf in the form of off-course golf experiences. These new technologies are significantly helping to improve golfers' skills, and we are continuing to see the development of new, unprecedented ways of enjoying the sport. For example, people who previously found it difficult to get to golf courses due to location and cost can now easily enjoy golf in the city.

In this period of change for the golf industry, at GDO we will work across national borders and boldly take on new challenges without fear of failure. Our mission is to "connect the world with golf", and represents our earnest desire to allow people to live more enjoyable lives through the sport. Moving forward, we will continue working as one to ensure we can fulfil this mission.

Golf Digest Online Inc.

President & CEONobuya Mike Ishizaka