Corporate History

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May. Golf Digest Online is Established
Launched online golf course reservations service
Flash news contents for golf competitions and advertisement & marketing services start


Jan. "" golf goods sales site opens


Nov. "GDO Card" credit card starts


Mar. "GDOWebPack" golf course ASP service is offered


Apr. Listed at TSE Mothers
Oct. Started Pro-Shop package providing at golf course(*service closed now)
Nov. Opened distribution warehouse in Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture


Feb. Golf Digest Mobile, official site for 3 mobile phone carriers starts
Apr. "GDO GOLF-XML" system support services for golf courses start
Aug. Started Golfer's Blog service(*service closed in 2011)
Sep. Pro Golf Tour GDO Challenge & Ladies Cup is hosted
Oct. Golf travel comparison search service starts
Dec. Number of GDO Club members passes 750,000
Business alliance with largest firm in taxi industry, DAIICHI KOUTSU SANGYO Co., Ltd. (Kitakyushu City)


Feb. Name of movie distribution service is changed to “Golf TV” and broad expansion is carried out
Mar. Head office moved to Toranomon
Apr. Business alliance is formed with Gamepot, Inc. “Pangya” online golf game operator
Oct. "GDO GOLFstyle" online magazine, an online magazine to present next-generation golf fashion and lifestyles is announced
Dec. "GDO SELECT SHOP," a new e-commerce business for golf goods opens


Jan. Number of GDO Club members passes 1,000,000
Apr. Golf Digest Mobile achieves 1st rank in all golf categories on iMode, EZweb and Yahoo!keitai
May. TV Tokyo Golf Digest Online LLC is established
Jul. Stock of Eico, Inc., the operator of Golf Paradise which engages in the purchase and sales of used golf goods, is acquired (as subsidiary)
Aug. Golf Digest Mobile distribution service starts
Nov. TV Tokyo Golf Digest Online LLC “JAPAN GOLFER'S KENTEI” starts


Jan. Number of GDO Club members passes 1,200,000
"Ezure Tadashi Mobile Academy" starts in Golf Digest Mobile
May. Business alliance with Peta Map social mapping service begins
Jul. Number of GDO Club members passes 1,300,000
Oct. 100 Kiri Golf DS, the industry's first golf training software, goes on sale


Jan. Total number of golfers who booked tee time via our GSTART website tops 10 million.
Mar. AneCan GOLF online, a website dedicated to women golfers, starts.
[] opens in®
Apr. "Ishikawa Ryo Mobile" official site starts
May. In cooperation with KDDI "au Smart Sports Golf" Mobile site starts
Aug. "GDO Style Book", GDO's free paper, is launched
Sep. Number of GDO club members is exceeded 1,500,000
Dec. "Golf Course Support Club", new service for golf courses, is offered


Jan. "GDO Manner Up Project", educational project for golf etiquette starts
Mar. Private brand "GDO Original" goes on sale
Insight Corporation, software company for golf corses, is accquired (as sbsidiary)
Apr. On-the-day shipping-out service starts at
"Golf ruzu", app for iPhone is released
Jun. "Style Golfers' Project 2010" is executed to enhance stylish golfers
Sep. "JGA Club members" starts collecting members to obtain offical handicap of Japan Golf Association (JGA)
Nov. "GDO Community βversion" is launched
High-end golf free paper magazine, "GDO Style Book GOLD", is released
Dec. Golf course discout coupon free paper, "GDO reservation magazine", is issued
Participants of amateur golf tournaments, organized by GDO, exceeded 1,000,000.


Jan. Revamped corporate logo
Mar. Launched the "Golfclub custum order service"
Start looking for donations for the reconstruction of Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake
Apr. Start the "GDO News editorial department," the official Facebook page
"GOLF FOR PEACE" original wallpaper is sold. for Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake
Provide a new program to The Golf Channel
June. GDO entered into a license agreement with U.S. magazine GolfDigest
July. Fully revamped website
OnlineMagazine "GDO Style Book WORLD" launched the (DigitalBooks of US "Golf Digest" magazine)
Launched the "GDO Style Book DRIVE"
Sep. Provide program start point "Golfers Ponta" common services
Oct. The launch of the site "GDO smart style golf" Service official au
Nov. Facebook page has over 10,000 likes
Started offering mobile Japan Golf Tour "Ryo Ishikawa service site" Golf Digest Mobile "official" NTT DoCoMo "d" menu
Dec. Adoption of the use of secret coupon social graph
Open a dedicated site "GDO Golf Shop" smartphone
"GDO Reserve Golf",app for iPhone is released


Jan. Launched golf equipment rating "HOTLIST" Japanese version
Mar. Equipped battery chargers for electric vehicles at 100 golf courses in collaboration with Nissan Motor Company
Opened 2 smartphone specialized sites "News" and "Score up"
Apr. Started a DB-providing service for used golf club assessment at golf shops, golf courses and golf driving ranges.
May. No. of GDO club member passed 2 million. No. of likes at Facebook page passed 30,000.
Opened “GolfTEC by GDO Roppongi Studio” in partnership with golfTEC, U.S. No.1 lesson chain.
Aug. Released Facebook app “Gorukan” (golf competition organizer)
Sep. Started Club fitting service at "GolfTEC by GDO"
No. of likes at Facebook page passed 50,000


Apr. "GolfTEC by GDO" Ebisu Studio opened
"HOTPRICE", discount tickets service with advance payment, is released
May. Single player reservation service is renewed
Provided "Style Golfer Academy 2013" on live streaming broadcasting
June. Touch-screen terminal "Pontacchi" (Ponta+touch) is provided for golfers Ponta at golf courses
"Data Scientist Training Course" is offered for Faculty of Business Administration of Rikkyo University
July. Social login start!
Aug. U-stream of "FANCL classic 2013" is delivered
"Miyazaki golf month" campaign is executed in collaboration with Miyazaki prefecture
Oct. Opened "GolfTEC by GDO Ginza Studio". Exceeded 2,000 members of "GolfTEC by GDO" and 20,000 lessons in total
Score management on smartphone is on service


Jan. Golf news app "GDO Golf Bulletin" for iPhone is launched
Executed 1st Japan speed Golf Championship
"GDO score management" app for Android is launched
Mar. Launched "GDO score management application" for iPhone
"BE-TA pin" campaign in collaboration with "REC CHECK GOLF!" provided by Sega Corp.
Apr. GDO Started golf course reservation service at members site
May. "Golf Digest Online Mobile" service starts at au Smart Pass
July. Start a golf course reservation service at in partnership with Usamikoyu
Sep. Change to "GOLF GARAGE byGDO" the brand of used golf shop all stores
Oct. First Annual Meeting of the Japan Golf Business Forum
Dec. "GolfTEC by GDO" Kanda Studio opened
Start the golf play ticket sales service with Nishinippon Shimbun.
Golf secretary app is launched
"HOT PRICE" app for iPhone & Android is launched
Golf news app "GDO Golf Bulletin" for Android is launched
GolfdigestOnline mobile is selected as the [2014 Best Web application (Sports Division)] of the au Smart Pass


Feb. "Golf Easy phone reservation" app for iPhone ・ Android is launched
Mar. "GDO NEXT - Golf of fun! One after another" is launched
Apr. Business alliance start of the Hokkaido Shimbun
The pin position of professional golf tournament, the first time determined by Internet voting in Japan
May. Market change to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section
Jun. "GolfTEC by GDO" Ikebukuro Studio opened
Sep. "GOLF GARAGE byGDO" Tama shop opened
Market change to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section


Feb. "GolfTEC by GDO" GinzaANNEX Studio opened
Mar. Executed 1st Winter Golf in GolfCourse
Apr. Golf Vegetable garden Project is launched
May. 1st White enterprise award " East Special Award " and won the " East Work-Life Balance Award "
Aug. "GolfTEC by GDO" Yokohama Sakuragicho Studio opened
Nov. Number of GDO Club members passed 3 million.
Head office moved to Higashi-Gotanda
Junior golf school "KIDS GOLF Inc." is acquired as subsidiary


Mar. "GolfTEC by GDO" Shinjuku Studio opened
Apr. Golf style web magazine "BRUDER" launched
May "GOLFTEC by GDO" Osaka Umeda Studio opened
Jun. "GDO Yard program" launched
Aug. GDO starts "Golf ambassador programme"
Owned media "Golf Links the World" launched
Dec. Arccos Golf and GDO announce agreement for exclusive rights to sell Arccos products in Japan


Jan. "GOLFTEC by GDO" Nagoya Studio opened
Mar. GDO launches golf reservation service in Thailand
Owned media "Golf Links the World" launched
May "GOLFTEC by GDO" Otemachi Studio opened
Jun. "GOLFTEC by GDO" Fukuoka Tenjin Studio opened
Jul. GolfTEC Enterprises LLC becomes subsidiary of GDO
Sep. GDO starts introducing "TOP TRACER RANGE" in Japan
"GOLFTEC by GDO" Haneda airport Studio opened
Oct. "GDO Golfers LINKS HANEDA" opened
GDO starts new service ---"TRY SHOT"
Golf style paper magazine "BRUDER" launched