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Toptracer has traced more balls in more bays at more driving ranges in more countries than any other range technology on the planet. And it's not even close. At Toptracer, we believe in the power of more. More data fuels more insights. More insights drive more innovation. And more innovation means more games that appeal to more players, so they come back and play even more. When we invented driving range technology two decades ago, we reinvented the driving range experience. And even though we've been at it longer than anyone, we're just getting started.

Exclusive partnership with TOPGOLF brings Toptracer Range to Japan

GDO has signed an exclusive agreement with TOPGOLF, a member of the Callaway Group, to bring the Toptracer Range system to Japan. As of the end of 2022, GDO had installed the system in about 8,000 bays at about 100 of Japan's 3,445 driving ranges.* Together, these bays have seen use by over 8 million golfers, with more bays still to come.

※According to the Japan Golf Range Association


The Toptracer Range app is where the magic happens. When guests create a profile, they instantly become part of a global golf community. The app stores data from practice sessions so players can monitor changes and fine tune their swing over time. For users at Toptracer Range Mobile-enabled facilities, the app is also where they can access skill-based games that will drive their range session.


Leaderboards not only fuel friendly competition among your guests, but they can be a helpful tool to drive additional revenue through events, leagues, global competitions, and more at your range. Accessible within the Toptracer Range app and able to be displayed on TV monitors throughout range facilities, leaderboards let guests see how they stack up against other golfers--from the same range or around the world. They're updated in real-time to show top performers in each of our game modes.


TRMS, as we call it, is a cloud-based portal for all things Toptracer Range. Whether a range charges by the bucket or by time, it lets operators assign and manage bays with ease. TRMS gives owners more visibility into the status of each bay, more flexibility to make changes, and greater overall control of their driving range operations. It also produces an activity log that offers a complete picture of bay usage over time and the ability to configure leaderboards you want to display on your property. The best part: TRMS comes standard with any Toptracer Range installation.