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Spreading knowledge to bring the joy of golf

GDO's website gets about 150 million page views per month (* historical high) from 8.97 million unique users (as of September 2022). Our site features a steady stream of the latest golf news, including tournament updates from Japan and abroad. The GDO website isn't the only place to find our news stream; it also appears on a variety of other sites, such as Yahoo! News, LINE NEWS, SmartNews, and Sports Navi, creating touch points with a multitude of users. GDO's news service has won the top prize in the sports category of LINE NEWS Presents NEWS AWARDS five times since 2016, including four years running from 2019 to 2022.

Be a player of life with lifestyle webzine BRUDER!

BRUDER, GDO's lifestyle webzine focused on golf wear, fashion, cars, and culture, takes its name from the German word for "brother." It is targeted at discerning readers who are known not just for their golf knowledge, but for their taste in cars and fashion sense as well. With new content appearing regularly, we hope that BRUDER will be a trusted source for young readers thinking of getting into golf as well as a valued partner for those already hooked on the game.

GDO YouTube channel reaches 100,000 subscribers

GDO's YouTube channel has grown steadily since its launch in August 2012, passing the 100,000-subscriber mark in October 2022. With lessons from female pros, sneak peeks at new products, and even a series of specials where popular comedy duo TimonD get serious about golf, our channel offers entertainment content for golfers of all ages.


The core of GDO's user base consists of golfers in their 30-50s with steady, high-income jobs, such as corporate managers and executives, whose interests range from business and cars to travel and apparel. We leverage our knowledge of these golfers' needs and our big data assets (customer databases) to provide tailored marketing support to advertisers across a variety of segments. GDO has a broad range of experience not only in online advertising, but in hands-on events, in-store promotions, and other types of campaigns. We can offer advertising solutions that meet your unique goals.