GDO Chigasaki Golf Links

Proposing a smarter, more sustainable way to play

GDO Chigasaki Golf Links is a 9-hole public course featuring refreshing ocean breezes and stunning views of Mt. Fuji. It preserves the charm of Osamu Ueda's original design while offering an uncommonly casual golf experience for Japan, with no dress code, push carts instead of motorized carts, and a bring-your-own-bottle rule to reduce plastic waste.

Less hassle, more fun

A quick 2 hours of play when your afternoon plans get canceled. A relaxing round with friends in shorts and T-shirts. A few casual holes with only seven clubs in your caddy bag. This is the kind of golf Chigasaki is made for. And with regular Beginner Golfer Support events, we help new golfers get started out on the links, too.

Enjoy the upstairs cafe at our clubhouse, even if you don't play golf

The cafe on the 2nd floor of the GDO Chigasaki Golf Links clubhouse is open to all, even non-golfers. Kids and dogs are welcome, too! Enjoy a relaxing time in the cafe's spacious interior with gorgeous views of the green fairways.

A golf course open to the whole community

GDO Chigasaki Golf Links values its ties with the local community - the course is designated as an open evacuation zone for Chigasaki City. From graduation events for the nearby elementary school and night picnics out on the fairway to summertime nature watching, there's more than just golf for local residents to enjoy at our course.