Corporate Profile

Company Name Golf Digest Online Inc (GDO)
Head Office Higashi-Gotanda Square 8F
2-10-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku , Tokyo, Japan
Date of Establishment May 1st, 2000
Capital 1,436million yen (AS of Dec 31th, 2016)
Nobuya Ishizaka
Osamu Ito
Takehiro Yoshikawa
Genichi Kimura
Masahiro Kimura
Hironari Hashioka
Takao Honda
Toshinori Iwasawa
Masaaki Kokubo
Shigetaka Muranishi
Keiichi Uezumi
Employees (Consolidated) 497 (AS of Dec 31th,2016) *
*Includes part-time employees
Business Scope

Golf Retail
GDOGOLFSHOP, the largest online golf shop in Japan, provides top brand golf gear, apparel and accessories.
Golf Garage buys and sells used golf gear at 5 store locations as well as online.
Managing of Golf lesson studio [GolfTec by GDO]. (In Roppongi, Ebisu, Ginza×2, Kanda,Ikebukuro,Yokohama Sakuragicho)
*"GolfTEC by GDO" became the Management of [GDO Golftec Co., Ltd.] from September 1, 2014.
Managing a junior golf school [KIDS GOLF Inc.]

Golf Course Service
GDO has partnerships with over 2,000 golf courses nationwide, and is the largest online tee-time booking service provider in Japan. GDO also offers marketing consultation as well as ASP to golf courses.

Golf Media
GDO is the largest provider of golf news and information, community services. GDO also operates multiple sites on all of the major mobile career platforms.